Sunday, March 27, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Choi Min Suk (10)

  To me, leadership is in everyone, but being a leader requires some
traits. Leaders are only able to lead if they have the correct traits.
I think that leaders need to have these 5 traits or qualities:


  With the leader being honest, his people would trust him, therefore
have faith in him and follow his lead. If he is not honest, he would
lose the trust in his people, therefore no one would do what he says.

  With the leader being competent, his people will see that the leader
has not lost faith and would follow him. In fact, the people would be
able to see that they can achieve higher potentials, therefore
following his lead.

  With the intelligence of the leader, the people would trust his
guide and trust the he will make wise decisions. With that relief that
the leader is able to make correct and wise decisions, the people
would follow his lead as they believe that he is the right man.

  These traits are achievable by anyone who tries, and that everyone
can be a leader in their own ways.

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