Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Johanan Teo (22)

These key points are important traits to what a leader should have :

1.) Having a vision to succeed -

     A leader which is determined to succeed is important.

2.) Having passion

     A good leader has to "light the fire" in his/her group members.

3.) Be a great decision maker 

      A leader must know how to make discussions at the right time, leading its members.

4.) Be a team builder

     A leader has to develop a great team which is well bonded together.

5.) The leader must have a good character

     Being a leader, you must have a good character, only then will your members respect        

     you and listen to you. 

When facing a crisis, a leader should not panic but keep calm. A panicky leader will frighten the team members and cause them to lose focus. The leader must act promptly, but not hurriedly. He/She should provide direction and respond to the situation. Leaders should also know how to mange the team and have control over the team. 


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