Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 Lee YuChong (17)




Traits of a good leader

A leader must first be able to lead him/herself first before leading others and stepping up to the occasion when it arrives.

Taking the initiative

A leader is someone who acts when the opportunity arises, and does not wait for an additional push. The moment an idea comes, a leader acts on it with a goal, rallies the appropriate people and motivates. He is the one that seizes the opportunities to create something new or a new direction. 

Decision maker

A leader is someone who can make decisions, of which are good for the team, not good for just one person. The decisions must be good, and are announced in the shortest time possible. Sometimes, the decisions also involve risk. The leader must be able to handle and decide on the risky situations before making the decision. 


Without honesty, no one will trust the leader and follow the leader. Without followers, a leader is no longer a leader, he is only taking a walk by himself. 

Critical Thinker

A leader is able to handle crisis well. The situation must be managed such that the crisis is solved as soon as possible, in the best way possible. That's why a good leader must be able to think fast and think good things at the shortest times. 

Handling Crisis

When crises comes, a good leader must be able to handle and manage the crisis 

appropriately without showing panic or distress, there-by worsening the situation. The leader must be able to look at things from different perspectives, asses the situation and make the final decision based on his resources suing very little time. 

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