Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Tim Yap (23)

The traits of a leader are enthusiasm and passion for others. 

His role is alike to that of a catalyst - the one who ultimately gets people going. They move others out of their comfort zone by believing in them and providing the support those people need to take risks.

He also operates from a base of integrity and honesty. He can be trusted to do what you say you will do and people are convinced that he will act for the good of the situation, the firm, and/or them-depending on the circumstances. Others may not like what is happening but they know the leader is acting upon what he or she believes is the best option given the timing and situation. He will generally find that people will stand up with you and behind you for support. Telling people the good, the bad, and all the important details in between builds a base for them to share with you. Many times, an innovative suggestion will emanate from an unexpected source.

He also attempts to find small victories for the team to celebrate and motivate them to continue in their striving towards the main goal.

He also has an element of humour. Laughter often brighten ups the team in times of distress. But nonsense is prohibited.

Abraham Lincoln had humour. Here is a great story that was handed down to me (the author). I have not yet been able to find footnote verification of it that it was actually said by Abraham Lincoln, but it's the kind of story that he should have said, in case he didn't. It illustrates Lincoln's dislike for pomposity and people who put on airs.

The story goes that he had a particular General who liked to send dispatches that were always headed: "Headquarters in the Saddle." And everyday, or every other day, Lincoln would get one of these messages entitled "Headquarters in the Saddle." And he got quite annoyed with this, but he kept quiet, as he normally did, until, finally, one day somebody asked him about this General and about this habit of heading all these dispatches "Headquarters in the Saddle." And Lincoln said, "It seems to me that the General has his headquarters where his hindquarters ought to be."

On another occasion, he was confronted by a group of Washington officials who were complaining about General Grant and the fact that there was a rumor going around that General Grant was a regular drinker of alcoholic beverages. And Lincoln replied, "By the way, can you tell me where he gets his whiskey? He has given us successes, and if his whiskey does it, I should like to send a barrel of the same to every General in the field."

And slogans can motivate the team too.

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