Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Goh Jun Hong (13)

      One inspirational and influential leader is Adolf Hitler. Hitler convinced the Nazis to change their mindset against Jews. If he did not have this mindset of destroying Jews, he might be one of the best speakers ever lived. Hitler, just one person, has change the mindset of Germany against Jews. Even though he is quite bloodthirsty against Jews, he carries an air of authority around him like a special aura. He possesses three of the qualities of influential speaking (pathos, ethos and logos). He too has qualities of a great leader. Headstrong, inspirational, making decisions without hesitation or having to eat his own words. Those are qualities to be a great leader. Hitler uses his exceptional qualities to enhance his speech. He too presents himself greatly. Neat clothing, no slouching, no nervous behaviour, never show habits, loud and fluent in language, possesses great body language. Having all this, it makes him a very great speaker.

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