Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE- Activity 3 Stacey Yip (05)

Good leaders will have to be good listeners. They have to listen to every member in the team and not think of their suggestions or comments as redundant and what he or she knows the always right. They must be willing to listen to other people's comments and views. They should also be trustworthy and honest in other for others to trust them and follow them. Good leaders have to act like role models for their followers, he or she must be committed to excellence and focused on the goal. All these qualities give the followers a sense of security and they in turn will give the leaders their trust and loyalty.

Under stressful situations, a good leader will have to be positive as he or she sets the tone of the environment. If he or she meets a problem and decides that all hope is lost, their followers will mirror them and just give up. They also have to be responsible for their actions and decisions, if a problem surfaces, they will have to face the problem and not push the blame elsewhere. If a member of the team makes a mistake, encourage and help the person, not demoralize them and push the blame.

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